About Us

I live between Gran Canaria and Thailand.  I started renting my beach villa in Thailand a number of years ago (before it came such a big business!!) and things went very well.  I now manage 4 properties in Cha-am Thailand but more recently have focussed on Gran Canaria where we now have 3 beautiful villas.

I'm a qualified and experienced IT Project Manager but I gave up on the rat-race a few years ago and have since "retired" to the North East of Thailand. My wife runs a local restaurant and I spend my time managing the rental properties.

I came to Thailand in 2001 as an Expat and have graduated from being an IT Project Manager to a local Rice Farmer to being the "Chief Bottle Washer" in my wife's restaurant in Yasothon province.  I've since tried my hand at teaching English in a primary school in the North East of Thailand but now spend most of my time learning languages and managing my property portfolio.

My Father spends almost 6 months a year in his villa and the rest of the time its available to rent. It's kept in excellent condition and is a great place to relax and unwind. I also visit for a few weeks every year to make sure that everything is working well and make improvements to the whole rentals process.

Our aim is to provide as much detailed and accurate information as possible and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. The villa is in great demand and we want to ensure that all our guests get exactly what they expect on arrival - no surprises! It's in everyone's interest to be open and honest - after all, it is YOUR holiday and the last thing you want is hassle.

Therefore, we provide a detailed information/welcome pack on arrival and one of my Fathers long term friend on the Island (Senor Rachid) is on hand to deal with any issues that may (or may not) arise.